Dates benefits for growing kids

dates benefits

Amazing Dates benefits:

Healthy Habits start early.

To give a child healthy snacking habits it has to start early for future health benefits.

Dates benefits are numerous, especially for growing kids dates are very beneficial and nutritious.

  • Dates are rich source of protein and helps proper growth and development of kids
  • Dates are loaded with vitamins and beta carotene which helps kids to fight infectious diseases.
  • Dates are natural source of calcium, which gives child healthy bones and teeth.
  • Kids those are fuzzy eaters who never take proper diet and have weight problems, introducing dates in their diet can be very beneficial and helps to gain weight naturally.
  • Often kids suffer from lower blood count or lower hemoglobin levels in blood, dates which are full of iron helps to improve blood count in kids.
  • Potassium present in dates helps in proper brain development in kids.
  • Dates have shown some remarkable properties to protect liver, young kids who suffer from jaundice , typhoid or any other liver problems can benefited by regular intake of dates.
  • Good amount of fiber present in dates helps in treating constipation and proper bowel movement
  • Dates are rich in iron, improves blood circulation to scalp and helps in natural hair growth
  • Magnesium in dates acts as anti inflammatory and immunity booster.
  • Vitamin C present in dates helps in treating skin problems in kids.
  • Lastly, dates provides instant energy boost to growing kids.

Dates can be incorporated in kids diet at earliest to give overall healthy development and nourishment.

Dates can be used as healthy alternative for sweets or chocolates. 

Various recipes like date syrup, date porridge, date powder, date puree, date balls, date cupcakes, dates kheer, dates smoothie, dates milkshake, dates pancake can be used to add dates to the kids diet.

Happy Parenting.

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