Extra benefits of Saffron

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Benefits of Saffron

Ø Protects against cancer: A water soluble carotene is present in saffron which is called Cronin. Cronin avoids apoptosis( programmed cell death ). Saffron also forms lymphocytes (immune cells that destroy cancer) which protects against cancer. This is  one of the super benefits of saffron.

Ø Food additives: Saffron is an excellent replacement for synthetic food additives. For example: Instead of using food color that is very commonly used, saffron can be used for natural coloring.

Ø Protects against cold: Saffron is a refresher which acts as a tonic to treat cold and fever. A pinch of saffron mixed in milk applied on the forehead quickly relieves cold.

Ø Good texture: Saffron can also be used in cupcakes, cakes and cookies which gives a buttery golden hue and rich aroma.

Ø Reduces stress: According to Ayurveda saffron is used for making antidepressant medicines. Stigma of saffron contains antidepressant properties.

Ø Reduces blood pressure: Saffron contains potassium. Consuming saffron everyday enlarges blood which removes blockage from the arteries. It further decreases blood pressure, heart attack and strokes.

Ø Deals with anxiety: According to study smelling saffron for around 20 minutes reduces anxiety and lowered levels of stress hormone cortisol.

Ø Heals burn wounds: Saffron has wound healing properties in it , as saffron is antioxidant and anti-inflammatory .Saffron can heal burn wounds more quickly than a cream that is  used to apply on burns.

Ø Moisturizes skin: Saffron gives protection to skin as it has photo-protective and moisturizing effects.

Ø Weight loss: Snacking causes gaining of unwanted weight. According to research saffron prevents snacking by curbing the appetite . Saffron curbs appetite and aids weight loss.

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