Salonik Iranian Saffron Premium 5 grams

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Salonik Iranian Saffron Premium 5 gramsSalonik Iranian Saffron Premium 5 grams

We are an ISO 9001 – 2015 Certified company  established in the year 2007 in Hyderabad – India with overseas branches in United Arab Emirates and Iran
We are exporting different commodities such as Sesame Seeds, Sesame Oil, Coconut Powder etc.

We import Saffron, Dates and fresh fruits such as Apples, Kiwi, Prunes, Pistachio from Iran .Iranian  Saffron is the best premium quality available in the world. 

Salonik Iranian Saffron Premium 5 gramsSalonik Iranian Saffron Premium 5 grams

Our Saffron is  considered as Grade 1 Saffron as per ISO Standard 3632 , If you look at our reports you will realize that the OTHER STANDARDS is allowing 15% floral waste in their premium quality but no floral waste is detected in our saffron.

Part from that total ash is also allowed up to 8% as per the Indian Standard but our saffron has got only 1% . Please compare the other properties as well which is enough to convince you that we are supplying the utmost quality of saffron.

Fresh Iranian Dates. as Khorma in Persian language is a fruitful and beneficial product bearing all kinds of minerals and, vitamins and photo nutrients. Having dark layers (especially Mazafati Dates), sweet taste, enriched syrup, set Dates apart from other Fruits and Nuts.

Buy Salonik Iranian Saffron Premium 5 grams from our website. Iran as one of the historical countries in the middle-east with three thousand years of history has been the main producer of Dates not only in Asia but in the world. 

We are supplying Iranian Saffron and Iranian Dates to Many reputed retailers in Hyderabad and is also available online at various famous portals such as Big Basket , Amazon, Flipkart , Snapdeal. You can view our different  clients in client’s list.

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Additional information

Weight5 g
Dimensions11.5 × 11.5 × 4 cm

68 reviews for Salonik Iranian Saffron Premium 5 grams

  1. Shailesh Thripati

    I Usually dont Give Feedbacks on Products but this isn’t a Product this a part of my everything now just like Sugar and Salt and the best part is this is way better and healthier than Both Sugar and salt ??❤❤??

  2. Prem Ratan

    Best saffron ever ?

  3. Karan Singh Rathore

    Very Fine Product
    Great Aroma

  4. Zareena Ilyas

    Best For Cooking Desserts and saffron Milk

  5. Riya

    Finest saffron

  6. Manisha

    Genuine and top notch product. I loved the product and recommend to everyone.

  7. Zeenat

    This saffron is so good and packaging is just like a jewellery box, which we can use later for keep jewels 🙂

  8. Radhika

    If we are buying more than 1gm of saffron. It has to be of trusted brand. Salonik provides best, authentic saffron.

  9. Andrew

    If you are buying such a huge quality, it’s like a investment. Have to be sure of quality.
    Quantity and quality both is good.

  10. ruhi

    So good taste and smell.

  11. Sanjay

    Amazing product with good health benefits.

  12. Taniya

    Very good brand and the products are very pure and orignal.

  13. Mary

    used saffron to make DIY face mist adding rosewater.
    this gives so much glow to face.
    best product ever

  14. Mustafa Ali

    Hi guys, go for salonik saffron it is genuine.

  15. Samuel Christopher

    We love this product salonik saffron.

  16. srineedhi

    if you are looking for best quality saffron.
    salonik premium saffron is the BEST available in the market.

  17. Raj Jaichand

    Previously I bought small pack for trying this out,
    So impressed with it that bought this big saffron box of 5gm.

  18. Riddhi Prashad

    I usually don’t buy such a large box of saffron.
    But the quality is so best and amazing that I bought this 5 gm box.
    Packaging is also fantastic

  19. arbaz

    This is really fresh and good saffron.

  20. Sheena

    Salonik saffron has antioxidants which can really help us alot.

  21. Ayush

    Good and healthy saffron -Salonik saffron!

  22. Sanaya

    When ever I buy saffron from salonik it gives me full satisfaction.

  23. Gaurav Thakur

    We love this product salonik saffron

  24. Gaurav Thakur

    This saffron”s quality is world class.

  25. Gaurav Thakur

    Salonik does not vanishes the goodness of nature like other products do.

  26. Sukaina


  27. suhashini

    Now, we are using salonik saffron only at home.

  28. vaishnavi

    We love this product salonik saffron

  29. annika

    Indians using the saffron from very early days of civilization, Salonik saffron reminding us the purity

  30. usha

    Apply the saffron on face to glow, it is natural , go for Salonik

  31. Rajeev

    Previously I bought small pack, this time bought premium pack.
    It’s so very worth it. Perfect solutions for home remedies.

  32. naga kumar

    It was original and very powerful aroma

  33. Meera Basu

    I have catering business, so bought this pack for flavouring my food .
    I always prefer best quality and Salonik provides the BEST saffron all the time

  34. Swara

    Salonik saffron is just too good and wonderful…

  35. maya

    Seen the pure saffron after a very long wait, good job salonik

  36. Rashid

    Hi , guys go for salonik saffron its very good .

  37. Aman

    Saffron not only in food products is beneficial but also helps in moisturizing skin.

  38. Alice

    Salonik saffron helped me to get clear and moisturized skin.

  39. Subhalaxmi

    Recommended by a chef.
    Best saffron to get in India

  40. Arun

    Best antioxidant

  41. Joseph Nolins

    Zabardast hai salonik saffron

  42. Arya

    Adding saffron in deserts like cakes and muffins gives an amazing golding texture.

  43. Yuvraj

    Marvelous salonik saffron!

  44. Ruhina

    Enticing salonik saffron!

  45. Varalaxmi

    Second time bought this.
    Quality is top notch

  46. shiva

    Its really grade 1 saffron, we are with salonik over the other brand

  47. Rabia

    Saffron is an very helpful spice that can also deal with the biggest disease like cancer.

  48. Aadhya

    A++ quality, certified saffron
    Bought for my catering service as it is recommended by all the big hotels like Taj Falaknuma, Marriot etc

  49. Prit

    Extremely good.

  50. Hardhik Varma

    Thanks to god that he made me to order this saffron other wise I was going to order some other saffron. This saffron is best in quality.

  51. Binita

    Nice quality saffron
    Best in market

  52. Ishaan

    Exceptional -salonik saffron.

  53. Sunny

    Always the best salonik saffron.

  54. Vaishnav

    By far the best saffron.

  55. Oorvi

    Finest and the purest saffron available

  56. Anirudh

    ISO certified best quality saffron
    Best Buy !!!

  57. kuldeep

    good nice product

  58. Chitra

    Too good.

  59. Asha

    Salonik saffron has the best aroma and real taste.

  60. J.Kaushik

    It probably has most stongest aroma in the world.

  61. Anurag Desai

    I was just lost in its aroma and taste

  62. Tanishq Gupta

    From now on wards I will always buy only salonik saffron.

  63. Alisha

    Best quality original saffron in India

  64. Haniya

    Original, pure and very aromatic saffron
    Used in making biryani, little saffron gives so much colour and flavour.
    Best Buy

  65. Gurpreet chhada

    Best saffron in market
    Packaging is also superb, sturdy magnetic box

  66. Isaac

    Grade 1 saffron ISO certified and best saffron available online

  67. Ilyas Akhter

    Good Product.

  68. Riaz (verified owner)

    Wonderful packing, smells really good. Still need to use it…

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