Salonik Mazafati Iranian Dates 5 kg

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Salonik Mazafati Iranian Dates 5 kg

buy datesWe are an ISO 9001 – 2015 Certified company  established in the year 2007

 in Hyderabad – India with overseas branches in United Arab Emirates and Iran.
We are exporting different commodities such as Sesame Seeds, Sesame Oil, Coconut Powder etc.,
We import Saffron, Dates and fresh fruits such as Apples, Kiwi, Prunes, Pistachio from Iran .Iranian  Saffron is the best premium quality available in the world.

Our Saffron is  considered as Grade1 Saffron as per ISO Standard 3632 , If you look at our reports you will realize that the FSSAI is allowing 15% floral waste in their premium quality but no floral waste is detected in our saffron.

buy saffronApart from that total ash is also allowed up to 8% as per the Indian Standard but our saffron has got only 1% .Please compare the other properties as well which is enough to convince you that we are supplying the utmost quality of saffron.

Fresh Iranian Dates. as Khorma in Persian language is a fruitful and beneficial product bearing all kinds of minerals and, vitamins and phytonutrients. Having dark layers (especially Mazafaty Dates), sweet taste, enriched syrup, set Dates apart from other Fruits and Nuts.

Buy Salonik Mazafati Iranian Dates 5 kg. Iran as one of the historical countries in the middle-east with three thousand years of history has been the main producer of Dates not only in Asia but in the world. Salonik Mazafati Iranian Dates 5 kg

We are supplying Iranian Saffron and Iranian Dates to Many reputed retailers in Hyderabad and is also available online at various famous portals such as Big Basket , Amazon, Flipkart , Snapdeal. You can view our different  clients in client’s list.

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Weight5000 g
Dimensions36 × 26 × 10 cm

45 reviews for Salonik Mazafati Iranian Dates 5 kg

  1. Syed Abul Hasan

    Very good taste and quality

  2. Hashim Ali

    Quantity is great

  3. Shailesh Thripati

    Just as i expected the Saffron was Awesome and the Dates are Softer and tastier than any Mazafati Dates
    please maintain the Quality in future…

  4. Roshan Khan

    Healthy Dates and Fresh

  5. Khabib Ali

    Dates Are Really Good
    i am satisfied with the taste!

  6. Zareena Ilyas

    Well placed Khajoor
    Healthy and Sweet!

  7. Gopi

    Tasty Dates!

  8. Sha

    Delicious dates

  9. Bhavishya

    perfect juicy, soft and tasty dates.

  10. Naina jaiswal

    This dates just melts in mouth…so GOOD.

  11. Rahul saxsena

    Awesome taste and good quantity

  12. k. Ram Teja

    We support the Salonik Saffron over the other brands

  13. Maryam

    even kids liked it.
    super tasty . will buy again,

  14. Jessica

    Bought this 5 kg dates for upcoming Christmas .
    Will make cake and pies.
    Dates are of high quality and super delicious .

  15. Ankush

    Dates control blood sugar level,these dates are really very helpful.

  16. Rekha

    Super delicious and soft dates.

  17. Rishab

    Healthy alternative for sweets.
    Healthy superfood and so delicious

  18. Sunaina

    Very palatable.

  19. srikanth

    I used salonik dates in a home remedy its effort : reward ratio is very high.

  20. Gayatri Mehra

    Last me for so long.
    Best quality and quantity.

  21. Shikha

    Amazing dates , super delicious and healthy

  22. Jennifer

    Super delicious
    Baked date-cake with this dates
    Nice quality product

  23. Dhanush

    Very tasty, melt in mouth dates
    Good buy

  24. Kalpana

    Awesome buy.
    Even my kids loved it

  25. Batool

    Delightful and yummy.

  26. Parseeth Reddy

    Dates are super delicious and nutritious
    Best so far in india

  27. Parseeth Reddy

    Dates are super delicious and nutritious

  28. Brinda

    Very healthy very nutritious and best quality dates

  29. Kalki

    Awesome buy
    Delicious dates , very healthy and fresh

  30. Mamta Gulati

    These dates are suitable for every occasion.

  31. Saira

    Improve overall health and bone power
    Best and delicious dates

  32. Faiz

    Best energy booster for kids.

  33. Nikki

    Delectable and velvety dates.

  34. Balaram

    Soft and juicy dates
    Just melts in mouth

  35. Abiha

    Rich in flavor and taste.

  36. Aarav

    Healthy, nutritious and perfect dates

  37. Niharika Yadav

    My personel recommendation is to always purchase saloniik dates.

  38. Aarth

    Second buy
    Previously bought small pack
    This dates are so delicious and addictive that bought 5 kg

  39. Shaik Abdullah

    Salonik dates is best choice foe Ramadan.

  40. Aaanullah

    Exellent quality.

  41. Anjali kumar

    Best dates and soft n juicy

  42. Barsha

    Best quality dates and nutritious

  43. Amaal

    Best dates,
    Immunity booster and super delicious

  44. Rewa

    Dates really helps in treating diabetes
    And this are super yummy dates

  45. Simon

    Best dates bought for Christmas party
    Everyone loved it
    Highly recommended!!

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