Benefits of the Salonik Mazafati Dates for hair and Children and Babies

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Salonik Mozafati Dates contain some vitamins, especially vitamin B5 that is essential to have healthy hair; deficiency of this vitamin can cause problems such as hair loss and dry and fragile hair.
Scalp and hair massage with palm nut oil increases hair growth.
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Amazing Pharmaceutical Benefits and Properties of the kimia Date of Iran, Bam for healthy

Children and Babies :

Kimia Dates are one of the most nutritious foods for babies and children; dates contain plenty of vitamins and minerals that are essential for the growth of your baby and child.
Salonik Mazafati Dates are useful for strengthening the gums and teeth of youngsters .
Salonik Mazafati Dates are useful for the treatment of constipation and reflux in children.
Also, taking the dates for newborns and children increases their natural weight.
Properties and Benefits of the Salonik Mazafati Date ( kimia dates ) of Iran, Bam During Pregnancy for Pregnant Women and Embryos:
Taking Salonik Mazafati Dates have tons of advantages during pregnancy; dates are rich in iron and useful to avoid anemia in pregnant women and embryo.

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