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SALONIK IRANIAN SAFFRON PREMIUM 2 grams. Our Saffron is  considered as Grade 1 Saffron as per ISO Standard 3632 , If you look at our reports you will realize that the OTHER STANDARDS is allowing 15% floral waste in their premium quality but no floral waste is detected in our saffron. SALONIK IRANIAN SAFFRON PREMIUM 2 grams.



We are an ISO 9001 – 2015 Certified company  established in the year 2007 
 in Hyderabad – India with overseas branches in United Arab Emirates and Iran

We are exporting different commodities such as Sesame Seeds, Sesame Oil, Coconut Powder etc.,
We import Saffron, Dates and fresh fruits such as Apples, Kiwi, Prunes, Pistachio from Iran .Iranian  Saffron is the best premium quality available in the world.

SALONIK IRANIAN SAFFRON PREMIUM 2 grams ,Our Saffron is  considered as Grade1 Saffron as per ISO Standard 3632 , If you look at our reports you will realize that the OTHER STANDARDS is allowing 15% floral waste in their premium quality but no floral waste is detected in our saffron.
Apart from that total ash is also allowed up to 8% as per the Indian Standard but our saffron has got only 1% .Please compare the other properties as well which is enough to convince you that we are supplying the utmost quality of saffron.

Fresh Iranian Dates. as Khorma in Persian language is a fruitful and beneficial product bearing all kinds of minerals and, vitamins and phytonutrients. Having dark layers (especially Mazafaty Dates), sweet taste, enriched syrup, set Dates apart from other Fruits and Nuts. Iran as one of the historical countries in the middle-east with three thousand years of history has been the main producer of Dates not only in Asia but in the world. 
We are supplying Iranian Saffron and Iranian Dates to Many reputed retailers in Hyderabad and is also available online at various famous portals such as Big Basket , Amazon, Flipkart , Snapdeal. You can view our different  clients in client’s.


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Weight 2 g
Dimensions 11.5 × 11.5 × 4 cm


  1. Rahul

    Bhaiyya ji A1 Zafran!

  2. razali

    Worth it!
    Best zafraan in town

  3. Sai Prakash

    Best Saffron with perfect taste and Excellent packaging!

  4. Afzal Shaikh

    Honestly i hated saffron milk but after my wife served me with this saffron i personally had to review for the rest of the people out their….
    Everyone must try this for Better Health And Skin!!

  5. Harpreet kaur

    Fresh And Healthy

  6. Khabib Ali

    The Zafraan is Original and pure
    Must Try!

  7. Gopi


  8. fatimaafshan

    This is the best ever saffron I have used in India. Aroma is quite soothing

  9. Riya

    The best saffron

  10. nishu

    very good quality must try

  11. priya


  12. Payal

    The product was well packed.
    best aroma
    excellent color
    Amazing quality

  13. Kajol

    I bought small pack first, it was so good that I had to purchase this 2gm pack. Big thumbs up.

  14. Rajesh

    bought this for my wife, she is so happy.
    fantabulous product.

  15. nigar

    best quality and the aroma is very good.

  16. Kumail

    Very nice flavor and good fragrance!!

  17. Sanjana

    Orignal and pure product!

  18. Mehraj

    Good in smell and flavor is just great!!

  19. Kshitij jaiswal

    Satisfied and certified with your quality – good work salonik saffron.

  20. Baalu Reddy

    Salonik saffron is best in the market.

  21. Suparna

    ISO certified imported from Iran saffron- enough said.
    Best !!!!

  22. varun

    This saffron is just so amazing and beneficial.

  23. bhoomi

    This the best and exellent saffron ever.

  24. Mukti

    Amazing taste and aroma.Adding it to deserts makes it more delicious.

  25. Tia rawal

    This saffron is really very pure and orignal ,It also has nice taste.

  26. Arjun kumar

    There are so many brand of saffron but Salonik brand is really very amazing and satisfying.

  27. Govind

    Saffron is natural antidepressant and antioxidant,
    Using this to help me with my depression
    Salonik saffron is pure and original saffron available .

  28. Srisai

    It gives such a nice colour to the biryani.
    Best saffron available in Hyderabad

  29. Rishikesh Bidlan

    Hi guys, go for salonik saffron it is genuine.

  30. Rishikesh Bidlan

    Zabardast hai salonik saffron.

  31. Rishikesh Bidlan

    Very strong hai salonik kesar

  32. sitesh

    We Purchased from Amazon Salonik Kesar. Pure Hai

  33. priyanka

    Bahut Pure hai, making desserts using the Salonik Saffron

  34. padma

    Very strong hai salonik kesar

  35. Sofia

    Behtereen salonik saffron.

  36. Risha

    Satisfied and certified with your quality – good work salonik saffron.

  37. padmaja

    If the saffron is red gold than the salonik saffron is the pure red gold .

  38. saurav

    If you can afford the cost, don’t miss Salonik Saffron

  39. indvarma

    Snapdeal sold us the Kesar Salonik, Iran kahai Pure hai

  40. vijaya

    I want to rate the salonik saffron with 5 stars

  41. namrata

    Salonik saffron bahut effective and pure hai

  42. navan

    this saffron quality is very good and wonderfull packing.

  43. Aryan

    This saffron is awesome.

  44. Heer

    Such a good aroma and taste this saffron has.

  45. Faisal

    Using saffron even controls the blood pressure.

  46. Padmavati

    Best Imported Iranian saffron,
    The quality is super good ?

  47. Anuradha

    A++ quality
    Essential during pregnancy

  48. Raju

    Excellent salonik saffron.

  49. Paresh Mittal

    Using salonik saffron for my face, it is fantastic product.

  50. Faisal sheikh

    Helping in weight loss if used on daily basis
    Good product

  51. Mubeen

    Saffron acts as a natural medicine for healing burns.

  52. rozi

    I used this saffron were very good and its also help in improve eyesight of adults

  53. Sharvi

    Helped in hair loss and getting glowing skin

  54. James

    Full bodied saffron.

  55. Nargis

    Salonik saffron helped me in getting new hair..

  56. Zunaira

    Very aromatic and flavourful
    Used in making many dishes like biryani, kheer, kesar milk etc.

  57. Bhavna

    Best saffron
    Always using it in Pooja and tilak ceremony.

  58. Maheshwari Dolai

    This saffron is of outstanding quality.

  59. Advika

    The best saffron for kids as it’s pure and original

  60. Soniya

    Saffron is really very helpful in dealing with cold.

  61. Javid

    This brand is the best brand of saffron till date.

  62. Momina

    I made phirni using salonik saffron it made it taste awesome.

  63. Ayaan

    Marvelous and amazing saffron.

  64. Aryaman

    Pure and original saffron

  65. Mohsin

    Nice quality.

  66. Daniels Turner

    This saffron is best!

  67. Aahva

    Best quality kesar, used for tilak and Pooja

  68. Raaya

    Best Buy online
    Authentic A++ grade saffron in market

  69. Ajeet

    Best saffron
    Used in making Kada Prasad

  70. Hannan Uddin


  71. Harleen

    Best product.. worth every penny
    Best saffron available online

  72. Konda Varun

    Salonik was very beneficial for me and I recommend the for all others.

  73. Hriday Pathak

    salonik is a safrron of good quality.

  74. Mahadev Sharma


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