Salonik Iranian Saffron Regular Half gram

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Salonik Iranian Saffron regular 0.5 gramSalonik Iranian Saffron regular half gram

We are an ISO 9001 – 2015 Certified company  established in the year 2007 in Hyderabad – India with overseas branches in United Arab Emirates and Iran.
We are exporting different commodities such as Sesame Seeds, Sesame Oil, Coconut Powder etc.

We import Saffron, Dates and fresh fruits such as Apples, Kiwi, Prunes, Pistachio from Iran .Iranian  Saffron is the best premium quality available in the world.

Salonik Iranian Saffron regular half gramSalonik Iranian Saffron regular 0.5 gram

Our Saffron is  considered as Grade1 Saffron as per ISO Standard 3632 , If you look at our reports you will realize that the OTHER STANDARDS is allowing 15% floral waste in their premium quality but no floral waste is detected in our saffron. 

Apart from that total ash is also allowed up to 8% as per the Indian Standard but our saffron has got only 1% .Please compare the other properties as well which is enough to convince you that we are supplying the utmost quality of saffron.

Fresh Iranian Dates. as Khorma in Persian language is a fruitful and beneficial product bearing all kinds of minerals and, vitamins and phytonutrients.

Having dark layers (especially Mazafati Dates), sweet taste, enriched syrup, set Dates apart from other Fruits and Nuts.Buy Salonik Iranian Saffron regular half gram from our website.

Iran as one of the historical countries in the middle-east with three thousand years of history has been the main producer of Dates not only in Asia but in the world. 

We are supplying Iranian Saffron and Iranian Dates to Many reputed retailers in Hyderabad and is also available online at various famous portals such as Big Basket , Amazon, Flipkart , Snapdeal. Buy Salonik Iranian Saffron regular half gram from our website. 

You can view our different  clients in client’s list.

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Additional information

Weight0.5 g
Dimensions9.5 × 9.5 × 1.5 cm

58 reviews for Salonik Iranian Saffron Regular Half gram

  1. Saahith (verified owner)

    great aroma and good quality, will recommend it to buy

  2. Rahul tyagi

    In love with this product!
    Very Good Quality!
    The best part is that it is actually 0.5g ?

  3. Alina Baig

    Pure and Rich

  4. Prem Ratan


  5. Arjun pratap rana

    Premium is Better But this is a Worth Product too!

  6. Mohd Rafi

    Pure Saffron,Very Authentic

  7. fatimaafshan (verified owner)

    This is the best ever saffron I have used in India. Aroma is quite soothing

  8. Krish

    I have purchased this just to try out but this is so good definitely buying full pack.
    Thanks for such amazing products Salonik.

  9. Zainab

    The best way to check if the product is good is to try the smallest pack. this turn out to be a winner.

  10. Yamini

    It smells so good, made face pack with it and gives so much glow. Awesome product.

  11. Srinivas

    Bought this small pack to try out..
    Turn out to be so good..
    Will definitely purchase big box next time

  12. Anusha reddy

    This saffron is really very beneficial it helps in skin whitening.

  13. Monishka

    Wanted to try out this brand.
    Next time will buy full pack
    This is great ??

  14. prerna

    Salonik saffron is best in the market.

  15. manraj

    Hi guys, go for salonik saffron it is genuine.

  16. nandini

    Salonik kesar shudh hai

  17. Surabhi

    Fantastic buy.. will buy big pack next time

  18. Urvashi

    Such a good and genuine product
    Best saffron buy till date

  19. Arun kumar

    Hi guys, go for salonik saffron it is genuine.

  20. Sujit Sai

    After a long time i got wonderfull iranian saffron , thanks salonik

  21. Lokesh Sharma

    Chef of the hotel has suggested me the salonik saffron and it is purest

  22. Sai Dhanush

    Seen the pure saffron after a very long wait, good job salonik.

  23. Kunal

    Saffron is a good product it also helps in reducing stress.

  24. Nandeshwar

    Absolutely good

  25. Naina

    My experience with salonif saffron is always amazing.

  26. Hashim Ali Abedi

    Every strand of salonik saffron is filled with benefits.

  27. girish sharma

    I used salonik saffron and i was surprised by seeing the results.

  28. Zeeshan

    Salonik saffron is the best compared to other brands of saffron.

  29. Samiya

    Iam totally impressed by the saffron .I will also recommend others to buy it as well.

  30. Gulika

    Best saffron ever bought

  31. Mihika

    Helped in weight loss and skin brightening

  32. Anush

    Saffron really helped me out in getting clear and spotless skin.

  33. Pranali

    Best source for getting fair skin.

  34. Aashika

    Iam so glad it helped me out in weight loss .

  35. arjit mishar

    Good ! I purchased half gram now , next time will buy 2 grams , thanks salonik

  36. Dhriti

    Highly recommended to buy during pregnancy
    Best pure saffron

  37. kamlesh

    This saffron really help me in glowing face

  38. Aiman

    I applied salonik saffron facepack on my face,I got a clear and glowing look.

  39. Gulab kumar

    Friends! buy always salonik saffron.It helped me a lot.

  40. Pallavi Sharma

    Its a wonderful product it helped a lot in the home remedies.And i god the results too soon

  41. Ryan

    Very aromatic and flavourful kesar
    Buy buy

  42. Ram Prakash

    Salonik is best

  43. Rabhya

    Best flavourful saffron available

  44. Jagdish Manohar

    it has the strongest aroma and taste.

  45. Ram Krishna


  46. Fahim Hussain

    Keep it up salonik.

  47. Apsara

    Saffron is very beneficial during pregnancy and overall health
    Best original saffron

  48. Harbhajan

    Healthy for skin and hair
    Using it for few days, best saffron available

  49. Hadi Ali


  50. Giladesh Sharma

    salonik is good.

  51. pulkit Shah

    Very nice product.

  52. Helena

    Purest and finest saffron available

  53. Paresh Hallouri


  54. Mohini Yadav

    Well done Salonik.

  55. Gulam Mohammed

    Fantastic product.

  56. Wajid Hasan

    I cant forget the the taste of this product.

  57. Mazaher Hussain

    There is no best saffron other than salonik.

  58. DHARMENDRA SUDANI (verified owner)


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